Antenatal Courses

birth hubI enjoy helping people prepare for the birth of their baby, and I strongly believe that the more prepared you are physically and emotionally and with knowledge of the birth process, the better your birth experience will be.

I am teaching antenatal classes in the South Peninsula with The Birth Hub. Please visit for more information and to make a booking. Contact The Birth Hub at

What are the benefits of The Birth Hub course?

  • You will learn useful coping skills for labour and birth.
  • You will thoroughly understand your birth options and how to choose the best caregivers.
  • You will understand your options for medical and natural pain relief methods.
  • You will be prepared mentally and physically for a better birth.
  • You will gain a skillset of breathing techniques, birthing positions, massage and hypnobirthing techniques.
  • You will learn breastfeeding tips and be more equipped for life with your newborn.
  • You get to meet four awesome birth workers who can potentially be at your birth as a doula or independent midwife.
  • You will learn invaluable information that you can carry through into future births.


My colleague Susan Lees teaches courses at Birth Options.

Angela The Midwife