Birth Choices

Increasingly people want more choice about both where and how to give birth. An Independent Midwife can help give you these options. My emphasis is always on helping women achieve an empowered natural birth wherever possible but I take safety extremely seriously too.

Booking with the Birth Options Team of Independent Midwives as your primary caregivers for your pregnancy and birth means that you have the following birthing options open to you, depending on both your personal preferences and health:

  • Hospital Birth at Vincent Pallotti Life Clinic (Pinelands) with the emphasis on active and natural birthing, including waterbirth
  • Home Birth – Birth Options covers the following areas: South Peninsula, Southern Suburbs, Hout Bay, City Bowl, Green Point, Pinelands, Athlone, Grassy Park, Zeekoei Vlei.

Obstetric back up in case of complications can be via the Obstetric team at Vincent Pallotti Life Clinic which consists of: Drs Jacky Searle, Steffi Hinz, and Douglas Dumbrill, who provide constant backup via a roster system – whichever Dr is on call will be available if the need arises.

Alternatively back up can be via the Obstetric team at Mowbray Maternity Hospital (Government)

  • Water Birth (can be appropriate at both home or hospital) I have inflatable waterbirth pools which I rent out to my clients

NB VBAC at Vincent Palotti is now only available by booking directly with an Obstetrician (Gynae) we can provide shared antenatal care for women planning a VBAC birth, and one to one care in labour at the hospital.


How an Independent Midwife works:

As an independent midwife, I am your primary caregiver throughout your pregnancy. This means that you see me for regular pregnancy check ups. Antenatal checkups are scheduled on average monthly from 24 weeks until the 34th week of your pregnancy and thereafter weekly. This includes monitoring both yours and your baby’s well being (physical and emotional) by assessing growth and position by palpating your abdomen and listening to your baby’s heart beat, checking on your physical and emotional health and answering your questions.

You also see your back up Obstetrician at least once during your pregnancy.

If any concerns are found, a review with your back up Obstetrician is arranged.


What checks do midwives perform? How safe is it?

Research has has shown time and again that Midwifery Led care is the safest option for low risk women. Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and childbirth, and also have the skills to detect when a complication arises. This may mean referring on to an Obstetrician for medical input.

All the checks are the same as these conducted by an obstetrician the only difference being that as midwives we do not perform ultrasound scans, prescribe medications nor perform caesarian sections. Scans are usually performed at 12 weeks, 22 weeks and 36 weeks. These can be done at a fetal assessment unit or at your obstetrician. If a clinical indication is found (e.g concern about a baby’s growth or position in the womb) another scan will be arranged.

If you wish to have a home birth or a hospital birth with an independent midwife, you are still obliged to register with an obstetrician. He/she is then available should any complications arise.

I am happy to discuss any concerns or questions in more detail and you are welcome to come and visit for a preliminary chat to find out if care by an independent midwife is right for you.

Angela The Midwife